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    In Limousines capital, leader of limousine rental in Madrid, we offer you a luxury transport for a day of luxury, YOUR WEDDING. Rental of limousines for important celebrations, rental of limousines for weddings, weddings in Madrid.
    Get to organize a dream wedding by renting a totally different car worthy of the highest stars. We offer you a wide range of high class limousines to make your day the most special of your life.
    A limousine is a dream vehicle. Inside you will find all the details to make the journey unforgettable: Wide musical variety, videos, photomontages made by your best friends or family, chocolates and cold cellar. Our happiness is to provide you with the highest quality and the best service for the rental of limousines in Madrid.
    From short transfers such as from the bride’s home to the church, or full services that will begin with the collection at the home of the bride that will be transferred to the town hall or church.
    Once the ceremony is over, your limousine will take you to the event, after passing through the photographic report. All the guests will be waiting for your arrival aboard your luxury vehicle over 9 meters, which will undoubtedly be the center of attention.
    Our service of limousines for weddings, also has some extra services to our vehicles: a cleaning to shine both outside and inside, two bottles of champagne that will put that distinguished touch to the event, mineral water, sweet snacks and a beautiful exterior floral decoration that will highlight that what we are celebrating is a wedding. Also of course, uniformed driver.
    All our drivers are experienced professionals in the passenger transport sector and as a remarkable quality it should be noted that they are serious, discreet and very professional people. Punctuality is also a brand that distinguishes us and, therefore, you will have one of our uniformed drivers in the place you have stayed and at the stipulated time.
    The day of your wedding is also important for us, so we will work with all our efforts so that everything goes smoothly.


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